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Ford Bronco Raptor’s Price Hike What It Means for Buyers

The 2023 Ford Bronco has experienced a series of price increases, with two-door trims seeing a $500 or $1,250 hike, four of the four-door trims rising by $750, and options or option packages becoming $150 to $1,200 more expensive. Moreover, according to Bronco6G, the Bronco Raptor’s MSRP has jumped by an additional $2,000.

The price of the Bronco Raptor, after destination and before options, was initially set at $69,995, making it a competitive alternative to the Jeep Wrangler 392, priced at $76,395. However, the 2023 Bronco Raptor now costs $78,580. With destination charges rising by $200 to $1,795, the pre-options price stands at $80,375.

The Wrangler 392 now demands $84,290 after destination, maintaining some distance between the Ford and Jeep models. However, the previous difference of $6,400 has been reduced to $3,915. It’s important to note that this difference is somewhat superficial. The Wrangler 392 includes Uconnect 4C with navigation as standard, while the Bronco Raptor only offers a 90-day trial of Connected Navigation.

To access the premium infotainment — as well as adaptive cruise control, another standard feature on the Jeep — customers must spend $3,050 on the Lux Package. This brings the Ford to within $865 of the Jeep.

Given that the production numbers for the Bronco Raptor are expected to be lower than those of the F-150 Raptors, it would be wise for prospective buyers to act swiftly in making their choices.

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