Fox Factory Race 3.0 External Bypass Piggyback QAB with ECS2 External Cooling System for 17-18 Ford Raptor Gen 2


Starting at $3,399.95 a pair


Taking inspiration from off-road racing, the Fox Factory Race rear upgrade kit for the Gen 2 Raptor utilizes the same technology and parts found on the top race-winning off-road machines, including External Bypass position-sensitive damping, Quick Adjust Bypass (QAB), and an External Cooling System (ECS2). This kit delivers the next level of off-road performance without sacrificing every day ride quality.



EXTERNAL BYPASS: Position-sensitive External Bypass technology allows separate adjustment of the shock’s compression and rebound damping at different stages of suspension travel. This provides the ultimate control in fine-tuning the vehicle’s ride to maximize control, small bump compliance and comfort while preventing harsh bottom-outs.

The Factory Race Series 3.0 External Bypass shocks feature four adjustable bypass zones and are coupled with QAB adjusters for quick and easy adjustment.

QAB Quick Adjust Bypass: FOX Quick Adjust Bypass (QAB) allows you to quickly and easily adjust bypass circuits by hand, with definitive clicks at every half turn, making tracking adjustments easy. No tools necessary.

The Factory Race Series 3.0 External Bypass QAB’s can be set to match the Gen 2 Raptor’s stock ride quality and add the ability to increase compression and rebound damping by up to 50%.

ECS2 External Cooling System: Developed for and by off-road racing’s top athletes to handle the most extreme racing conditions, the External Cooling System (ECS2) is designed to maximize cooling efficiency and provide sustained, fade-free performance. Internal and external extruded aluminum fins increase cooling surface area and facilitate heat dissipation. Forced, unidirectional fluid circulation moves oil through the entire cooler to maximize cooling efficiency. This race-winning technology will keep your shocks cool and performing their best all day long.

The Fox Factory Race Gen 2 Raptor upgrade kit’s ECS2 coolers mount through the inner fender wells and bed, requiring minor drilling.

ECS2 mounting hardware included.

Additional information


3.0” steel body new, proprietary coating for improved durability


Hard anodized, CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum


Specific for Gen 2 Raptor to maximize performance and comfort


Redundant sealing pack system, main seal


JM92 Advanced Suspension Fluid


7/8" 17-4 H900 hard chrome plated stainless steel


Spherical, PFTE-lined, heat-treated steel


Heat treated steel spherical heim mounting


Hard anodized aluminum piggyback reservoir


Hard anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum high flow race piston


Quick Adjust Bypass (QAB) adjusters


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