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PaxPower Unleashes 775 HP Ford F-150 Raptor Single Cab Conversion

PaxPower, the Houston-based automotive transformation maestro, has once again defied convention by introducing the Ford F-150 Raptor Single Cab conversion. This audacious modification, showcased in the featured clip, not only brings a single-cab configuration to the iconic Raptor but also elevates its power to a staggering 775 horsepower.


Raptor Legacy:

  • The F-150 Raptor, in production since 2009, has never been offered in a single-cab configuration by Ford.
  • PaxPower, founded in 2018, specializes in crafting trucks that push the boundaries of what OEMs traditionally offer.

Noteworthy Conversions:

  • PaxPower’s repertoire includes Ranger Raptor conversions pre-dating the official U.S. launch, supercharger kits for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, and diverse F-150 Raptor modifications.

Key Features of the PaxPower Ford F-150 Raptor Single Cab:

Performance Prowess:

  • The 5.0-liter Coyote V8, initially rated at 400 horsepower, receives a significant boost to reach an impressive 775 horsepower.
  • The addition of a 3.0-liter Whipple Stage 2 supercharger contributes to the enhanced power output.

Weight Advantage:

  • The single-cab configuration sheds approximately 1,700 pounds (771 kilograms) compared to a standard Raptor R crew cab, resulting in improved performance across various terrains.

Off-Road Prowess:

  • Retains the authentic Raptor experience with OEM suspension components, Fox Live Valve shocks, and Method wheels paired with 37-inch tires.
  • Addictive Desert Designs front and rear bumpers contribute to the rugged and aggressive aesthetic.

Aesthetic Enhancements:

  • Features Mustang-style racing stripes, a Borla exhaust system with black-painted tips, and shortened crew cab side steps for a distinct appearance.
  • Al Jazirah, the first Ford dealer in Saudi Arabia, adds a body-color bed cover for a personalized touch.

Interior Refinement:

  • Transforms the interior with Raptor-themed upgrades, including a Raptor steering wheel, seat covers, and enhanced upper foam for an immersive driving experience.


PaxPower’s latest creation, the Ford F-150 Raptor Single Cab with a formidable 775 horsepower, stands as a testament to their commitment to delivering unique and high-performance trucks. By blending innovation, power, and iconic design elements, PaxPower once again challenges the norm, offering enthusiasts an exclusive and exhilarating driving experience that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of the F-150 Raptor legacy.