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2023 Ford Bronco Arrives in Europe with Steep Price Tag Compared to US

The highly anticipated Ford Bronco, unveiled in July 2020 for the 2021 model year, initially seemed like it would be exclusive to the United States market. However, due to high demand and gray import channels, European customers were able to get their hands on the off-road SUV, albeit at exorbitant prices. Finally, Ford confirmed that the Bronco would officially make its way to Europe in 2023, but with limited availability and significantly higher price tags compared to its American counterparts.

Limited Availability and High Prices:

As of March 2023, Ford has announced that only the Outer Banks and Badlands trims in the four-door configuration will be available in European showrooms before the year’s end. German dealerships have already begun accepting orders for these no-nonsense Bronco grades, but the starting prices are remarkably steep compared to the US market. The Outer Banks and Badlands models have MSRPs of 74,500 and 78,500 euros, respectively, in Germany, equivalent to $80,940 and $85,290 at current exchange rates. In comparison, the Outer Banks with the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine, which is the standard powertrain in Europe, costs $52,375 in the United States, while the Badlands variant with the same engine is priced at $54,715 (excluding destination charges).

Considering the Alternatives:

European customers have another capable option in the form of the Ranger Raptor, which arrived in Europe before its US debut. Priced at €74,196.50 in Germany or $56,960 in the US, the Ranger Raptor offers similar off-road capabilities to the Bronco Badlands, including 33-inch tires.

The Appeal of the Bronco:

Despite the high prices, there is still a compelling reason to choose the Bronco over the Ranger Raptor—its iconic badge. The Bronco Outer Banks and Badlands trims will undoubtedly remain far rarer in the European market compared to the Ranger Raptor. So, for those seeking exclusivity and the allure of the Bronco nameplate, the higher price may be worth it.

Features and Equipment:

The Bronco Outer Banks offers a range of desirable features, including LED headlights with high-beam assistant, 18-inch alloys, Ford SYNC infotainment with navigation, B&O audio, 360-degree cameras, partial leather upholstery, adaptive cruise control, intelligent speed limiter, and the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine. Exterior paint options come at an additional cost ranging from 1,200 to 1,300 euros.

The Badlands trim, on the other hand, features smaller wheels, larger tires, a more robust front bumper, matte-black fender flares, roof rails, and locking differentials both front and rear. Both the Badlands and Outer Banks models come with a molded-in-color black hard top.


The arrival of the Ford Bronco in Europe is met with enthusiasm, despite the significant price disparity compared to the US market. With limited availability and a higher price tag, the Bronco offers European customers a chance to own a coveted and rare SUV. For those seeking the unique appeal of the Bronco badge and its array of off-road capabilities, the premium price may be justified. The Ford Bronco Outer Banks and Badlands models deliver an impressive package of features, ensuring a thrilling and capable adventure both on and off the road.