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2020 Roush F-150 Raptor

In 2020, Ford launched a new series which is the Roush series. It is powerfully built, having the best features of its kind—the Roush series.

F-150 Raptor happens to be the last of this series. The Roush team allied with 5.11 Tactical after realizing they share the same passion and purpose: to create beautiful, purposeful, durable vehicles that can ride on any stretch of land. Together, they produced the 2020 Roush F-150 Raptor 5.11 Tactical Edition. It is so called because only 150 limited units of this 2020 Edition are available.

It is important to know that this Edition commands fierceness and authority. With its adrenaline-pumping 650 horsepower Supercharger system, you are sure ready to tackle any ground in style and with uncompromising performance.


Fierce Built
The appearance of this truck is like that of the Roush Fox 2.0 system, which is masterminded to ride smoothly on any terrain. This model carries the feel of a military vehicle. Indeed, the producers had confidence in mind while building this.

Its black 20-inch gray split-spoke Roush wheels with an optional trim ring that is reliable on and off the road and even help with the suspension system that gives it is fierce built, is wrapped with a 33-inch General Gabber ATX tired.

Sitting comfortably under this amazing F-150 is a Roush supercharged 5.0L V8 engine that pumps out its 650 horsepower and 610-pound feet of torque.

All of these provide greater stopping power and help reduce fading that is bound to occur during a long journey of spirited driving.

Rugged Quality and Durability
With the 5.11 Tactical helping with the serialized interior badging and the console vault, the Roush F-150 has ensured to take care of all the other features, like a quality leather seat and a uniquely Weathertight designed floor line.

Every 5.11 Tactical vehicle will come with a performance kit; the flag of the United States of America printed on the leather, a tactical pen, a tactical duffle bag, a hat, a steel multi-tool money clip, and a huge-duty first responder’s multiple use tool.

Excellent Interior
On the black leather, Roush has ensured to put their logo. Not only ok the leather but also on the 5″ tip axle-back exhaust system, which adds to its amazing performance. The package includes bedside graphics, a windscreen banner, and Jack Roush’s signature graphics. (Jack Roush, the automotive mogul, is the owner and operator of the Roush firm named after him).

Apart from the sterilized interior badges and the Roush gauge cluster, one other amazing thing is the puddle lamps that illuminate the ground underneath the front door. Yes, it shines a Roush logo onto the ground whenever the driver enters/exits or unlocks the vehicle.

Added also, and with the help of a twist of a knob, there is an aluminum bed cover that comes on and off.

The Roush F-150 was designed to tackle any terrain, and this cannot be done without the ROUSH Cargo Manager System that was put in place. This system will help hold your vehicle secure and relaxed, whether on a hill or dune, no matter what it encounters.

This is an upgraded model from the 2019 Roush. The main difference, some say, is the brake kit. Alcon supplies this new 13.7 inches rotor and high friction pads, covering them with a dope black brake caliper.

This is one important feature that shouldn’t be neglected. A vehicle that doesn’t promise to be safe should not be purchased.

This Roush F-150 has a pre-collision assist. It informs you of an impending collision and has an emergency brake system that comes on automatically, should you be slow to press the brake yourself.

It has an Adaptive Cruise Control that can come to a stop at a traffic stop and begin moving again when traffic starts to move. It can adjust speed to maintain a distance from a vehicle ahead of it. It is so amazing that it prevents unnecessary drifting from one lane to another.

With a size such, one would expect it would suck up a lot of fuel, but this is not the case. This model gets an estimated EPA value of 16mpg overall.

What about its storage? Its storage is a pretty good one. The door pockets are huge, the hollow center console is well organized, and the glove box has just the perfect size. On top of this, it is a vehicle you can practically live in if you like that, but you’d have to find a way to take your bath.

The MSRP of this model starts at $16 500. This F-150 is covered by a three years/36 000 miles limited warranty and five years/60 000 miles for powertrain warranty. This is similar to the warranty period that Nissan, Chevrolet, and Toyota offer.

Pros and Cons

– It accelerates pretty fast from its V8 supercharged engine.
– It has good storage.
– Trail Control
In difficult situations, this control helps the car become unstick. It provides adequate power to overcome obstacles and separately halt the brakes whether riding on a two-track track or climbing steep slopes.
– Forward-collision warning
A new safety technology called a forward Warning system measures the speed and distance of the vehicles in front of you. The system will alert you to a potential collision when another car approaches your vehicle too closely. You are still free to drive the vehicle even when the system is active.
– Lane-departure Warning
The lane-Departure warning system tells you when a car is leaving its zone and urges you to turn around. The system uses a camera positioned in the windshield to examine the lane lines on the path ahead. Keep in mind that this device does not seize control of the vehicle.

– It might be too big to drive around town like a regular car.
– The V8 engine is that of the past.
– It has less towing capability.

The 2020 Roush F-150 Raptor is so safe that it might be the best car for a learner. With all of these amazing features, its price is so reasonable.

It is a very quick machine, tested and proven to move at 60mph in 5.8 seconds which is pretty impressive for such a heavy build. Changing its gear is something that happens without any obstruction. Even though the aluminum with which it is built is a probe to so much risk, it has just enough benefits to cover this lapse.

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