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Ford Bronco Prices See Slight Increases for 2023 Model Year

The cost of owning a Ford Bronco continues to inch upwards for the 2023 model year, marking at least the third round of MSRP increases within the same year. The Bronco6G forum has shed light on these price adjustments, detailing the changes across various trims. Compared to the previous hikes that occurred in March, affecting both standard models and the high-performance Bronco Raptor, the price increases for the 2023 model year are relatively moderate.

For the two-door variants, the Big Bend and Black Diamond trims see a $250 uptick, while the Heritage and Bronco Raptor versions increase by $500. Moving up the ladder, all trims of the Badlands and Wildtrak experience a $750 price bump. Moreover, the Sasquatch Package, which adds off-road capabilities, now costs an additional $400, bringing the total to $5,295. The optional ten-speed automatic transmission also sees an increase of $400, now priced at $1,995. The destination charge also climbs by $100 to a new total of $1,895.

Here’s the breakdown of the latest prices:

Two-door Bronco:

  • Base: $36,785
  • Big Bend: $41,025
  • Black Diamond: $43,395
  • Outer Banks: $48,245
  • Heritage: $49,000
  • Badlands: $50,040
  • Wildtrak: $60,670
  • Heritage Limited: $71,340

Four-door Bronco:

  • Base: $39,935
  • Big Bend: $41,765
  • Black Diamond: $44,135
  • Outer Banks: $49,835
  • Heritage: $49,490
  • Badlands: $51,330
  • Wildtrak: $61,210
  • Heritage Limited: $72,380
  • Raptor: $88,745

For those who placed their Bronco orders and had their paperwork finalized before July 25, with delivery received by Ford by July 31, the automaker’s price protection ensures that their payment remains unaffected. However, individuals making new purchases will have to accommodate the increased prices.

Potential Bronco buyers looking to acquire a model under $40,000 will be disappointed, as the Base trim is no longer available, regardless of the number of doors. Additionally, the availability of the seven-speed manual transmission remains limited, as indicated on the Bronco’s official build page.

While these price increments may appear modest when considered individually, the accumulation of such adjustments is starting to be felt. Forum users on Bronco6G have expressed their surprise at the overall price difference, with comments like, “My March order would cost about 2k more if I ordered it today,” and, “My 2 door Base with Sasquatch & the 2.7 EcoBoost V6 that I just got was originally priced at 39k, paid 36k. Now MSRP shows it’s 50k. WTF.”

With the anticipation of the 2024 Bronco’s debut, possibly around the time of the Detroit Auto Show, the likelihood of further price adjustments is looming, considering the current trends within the automotive industry.