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Elevate Your Ford Raptor with ADV6 M.V1 SL Brushed Man Bronze Wheels

The Ford F150 Raptor is renowned for its off-road prowess and rugged design. To enhance its performance and aesthetic appeal, owners often turn to aftermarket upgrades like custom wheels. In this article, we’ll explore the ADV6 M.V1 SL Brushed Man Bronze wheels, designed specifically for the 2017 Ford Raptor, and how they can elevate your driving experience.

ADV6 M.V1 SL Brushed Man Bronze Wheels:

The ADV6 M.V1 SL wheels are part of ADV.1’s Monoblock forged concave wheel lineup, known for their lightweight construction and aggressive styling. These wheels are meticulously crafted from high-quality forged aluminum, ensuring strength and durability without compromising performance. The Brushed Man Bronze finish adds a touch of sophistication to your Ford Raptor, complementing its rugged exterior with a hint of luxury.

Sizes and Fitment:

The ADV6 M.V1 SL wheels are available in sizes of 20×11 inches for both the front and rear of the Ford Raptor. This sizing ensures a perfect fitment, allowing for optimal performance and handling both on and off the road. The 20-inch diameter provides ample clearance for larger brake calipers, while the 11-inch width offers enhanced stability and traction in various driving conditions.

Customized Appearance:

With its concave design and Brushed Man Bronze finish, the ADV6 M.V1 SL wheels add a customized appearance to your Ford Raptor, setting it apart from the crowd. The unique color and finish combination exudes sophistication and style, making a bold statement on the road or off the beaten path. Whether you’re cruising through city streets or tackling rugged trails, these wheels elevate the aesthetic appeal of your Raptor with their distinctive look.

Performance and Durability:

In addition to their eye-catching design, the ADV6 M.V1 SL wheels are engineered for performance and durability. The Monoblock forged construction ensures lightweight strength, enhancing overall handling and responsiveness. Whether you’re navigating tight turns or conquering rough terrain, these wheels deliver optimal performance without compromising durability. Plus, the Brushed Man Bronze finish is resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring long-lasting beauty and protection against the elements.

Installation and Compatibility:

Installing the ADV6 M.V1 SL wheels on your 2017 Ford Raptor is a straightforward process, thanks to their precise fitment and compatibility. These wheels are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Raptor’s factory specifications, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. With their bolt-on design, you can easily upgrade your Raptor’s appearance and performance without any modifications or additional hardware required.


The ADV6 M.V1 SL Brushed Man Bronze wheels are the perfect aftermarket upgrade for your 2017 Ford Raptor, offering a combination of style, performance, and durability. With their lightweight forged construction, customized appearance, and easy installation, these wheels elevate your Raptor’s aesthetic appeal while enhancing its overall performance on and off the road. Experience the ultimate driving experience with the ADV6 M.V1 SL wheels and take your Ford Raptor to the next level.