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Custom Ford Bronco Flaunts Classic Land Rover Green Paintwork and Many Tasteful Mods

The aftermarket for the 2021-and-newer Bronco is slowly but steadily picking up steam. The latest build that caught yours truly’s attention is a proper custom build from the peeps at Galpin Auto Sports, who repainted the Bronco in that rich green of Land Rovers from the good ol’ days.

Tastefully matched with a Wimbledon White-painted hard top, the rich green extends to the fender flares, which house 20-inch wheels from Detroit Steel. Topped with chrome hub caps that read F in a retro typeface, said wheels match the hard top’s white. This color extends to the Raptor-style grille. Up front, you’ll also find a triple light mount from Swarfworks, complete with Baja Designs LP6 Pro lights: two clear and one amber.

Baja Designs bumper-mounted pocket lights need to be mentioned as well, plus the Baja Designs reverse light mounted at the center of the spare tire carrier. All five rubber boots come courtesy of General Grabber, namely 37-inch tires of the X3 variety. Developed specifically for SUVs, the X3 is a mud-terrain design that further promises cut resistance against rocks. The list of modifications doesn’t end here, though. In addition to the Ford Performance tune-up front, Galpin Auto Sports has also fitted Radflo 2.5-inch coilovers. Also, the stock exhaust was yanked out in favor of an axle-back unit from the guys and gals at Fast Intentions.

The aftermarket exhaust alone costs between $795 and $1,194 depending on the spec, for it’s made from T304 stainless steel from one end to the other. The bolt-on exhaust promises an increase in performance of up to 14 horsepower and 34 pound-feet (46 Nm) over the stock crank figures. If you prefer your Bronco stock, you have probably heard by now that retail orders for the 2023 model are opening on March 27th. The date is subject to change, though, and the Bronco is hampered by a lot of constraints.

In the Bronco’s case, the molded-in-color hard top is in short supply. Tomball Ford sales consultant Jorge Lopez understands that the Wildtrak, Sasquatch package and Lux equipment group are constrained as well. It’s hard to believe that supply chain issues still haven’t been resolved thus far into the Bronco’s life cycle, but then again, Ford has a thing for messing up the rollout of new products and the customer’s ordering experience. Bad news may be on the horizon for 2024 as well because the Dearborn-based automaker prepares to launch the redesigned Ranger in the United States of America. Based on the T6.2 platform, the heir apparent of the T6 will be manufactured at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne alongside the Bronco. It isn’t known how the Ranger’s rollout will affect the Bronco, but if those supply chain issues will keep on, it won’t be pretty.

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Article Credits: Mircea Panait
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