February 2024

The FABTECH 4" Lift Kit with Uniball UCA, Front Dirt Logic 3.0 Resi Coilovers, and Rear Dirt Logic 3.0 Bypass Shocks is the ultimate suspension upgrade for your Raptor, designed to accommodate 37" tires and provide unparalleled performance on and off the road. One of the key features of this lift kit is the heavy-duty ductile iron steering knuckles, specifically engineered to handle the increased load of 37" tires while maintaining the vehicle's electronic stability control and traction control systems. Unlike factory steering knuckles, which can struggle with oversized tires, FABTECH knuckles ensure years of trouble-free service and reliable performance. To accommodate the larger tires and maintain proper CV angles, the front differential is relocated down between the crossmembers, ensuring smooth 4WD operation and optimal performance. The kit also includes 1/4" thick steel crossmembers and a differential skid plate for added durability and protection. The lift kit comes complete with FABTECH's Uniball Upper