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2024 Ford F-150 Raptor: Anticipating a Potential Launch in the Philippines

Could the bigger sibling of the Ranger Raptor be on its way to Philippine shores?

When Ford Philippines introduced the Ranger Raptor in 2018, skepticism loomed. The question centered on whether Filipino consumers would embrace a performance-focused iteration of the Ranger at a premium price point.

Resoundingly, the response was affirmative. Prior to the unveiling of the current Ranger Raptor, based on the enhanced “T6.2” platform, this variant constituted around 40% of Ranger sales in the Philippines. Although official figures are yet to be disclosed, observations of the models on the roads suggest the new version remains popular, despite a significant price escalation to PHP 2.339 million.

The triumph of this model might be the driving force behind recent news. It appears that Ford is evaluating the introduction of another Raptor model for the Philippine market.

Specifically, it’s the F-150 Raptor

A few of us may have encountered instances of the previous two generations of the North American-spec Ford F-150 Raptor cruising the roads. In some rare occurrences, authentic third-generation F-150 Raptors (not merely Rangers with F-150 Raptor modifications) have been spotted. However, all these units are gray market imports.

Although Ford Philippines has included the F-150 in its lineup since late 2021, the flagship F-150 Raptor variant has yet to be officially available through dealerships. According to information from our sources, this is set to change.

The planned launch is anticipated for this year, possibly during the “ber” months – that is, September, October, November, or December. If speculating, October could be a plausible timeframe.

The F-150 Raptor, the originator of the Raptor lineage by Ford, made its debut in the USA in 2009 as the SVT Raptor (with SVT signifying Special Vehicle Team). The present F-150 Raptor represents the third generation, replete with extensive off-road enhancements befitting the Raptor heritage. Notable features include large-diameter Fox Racing shocks with the Live Valve feature, rugged all-terrain tires, a complete coil spring setup with a 5-link rear suspension, a 10-speed automatic transmission coupled with four-wheel drive, advanced terrain modes, and a robust 450 horsepower twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine. Additionally, a Raptor R model boasting a 5.2-liter supercharged V8 with 700 horsepower exists, but it’s improbable to be the variant slated for the Philippine market

Of course, these prospects remain subject to change, as Ford has exhibited the ability to alter its decisions. An instance involved Ford Philippines initially planning the introduction of the Ford GT, even establishing a microsite to gauge genuine customer interest. Despite demonstrated enthusiasm from a select group, the endeavor didn’t come to fruition.

Hopefully, such a scenario won’t repeat with the F-150 Raptor, given the anticipated demand for this truck. The ultimate outcome will hinge on the official suggested retail price, naturally.