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2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R Takes on Ram 1500 TRX in Epic Drag Races

In the world of high-performance trucks, the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R and the Ram 1500 TRX are heavyweight contenders, each wielding formidable power and off-road prowess. Recently, these American giants faced off in a series of epic drag races, and the results are nothing short of electrifying. Let’s dive into the action and see how these titans fared on the quarter-mile strip.

Power and Weight:

The Ram 1500 TRX is propelled by a beastly Hellcat engine, churning out 702 horsepower and a jaw-dropping 650 pound-feet (881 Nm) of torque. It’s a powerhouse by any measure. On the other hand, the Ford F-150 Raptor R boasts a slightly lower output of 700 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque. While the power figures are neck and neck, the Raptor R holds a slight weight advantage, tipping the scales at 5,950 pounds (approximately 2,700 kilograms), compared to the TRX’s 6,350 pounds (around 2,880 kilograms).

Tire Size Matters:

One intriguing detail in this showdown is the difference in tire sizes. The Raptor R is equipped with massive 37-inch tires, while the Ram 1500 TRX rolls on slightly smaller 35-inch rubber. Typically, smaller tires should provide less resistance during acceleration from a standstill. However, the drag race results took everyone by surprise.

The Drag Race Showdown:

The drag races took place at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, where the two trucks battled it out. In three consecutive drag races, the Ford F-150 Raptor R consistently outperformed the Ram 1500 TRX. The Raptor R clocked impressive quarter-mile times of 12.503 and 12.692 seconds, while the TRX followed closely with respectable times. What’s more, the Raptor R showcased superior speed, hitting 109.11 miles per hour (175.595 kilometers per hour) over the quarter-mile, while the TRX reached a commendable 106.81 mph (171.894 kph).

Top Speed Limitations:

It’s worth noting that both trucks have electronic limitations imposed by their engine control module software when it comes to top speed. The Ram 1500 TRX is officially capped at 118 miles per hour, slightly ahead of the Raptor R’s 114 mph (183 kph). In contrast, the V6-powered Raptor with the standard 35-inch tires has a higher top speed of 120 mph (193 kph).

Future Prospects:

Ford has recently updated the F-150 for the 2024 model year, promising even more power for the Raptor R. However, specific output figures have yet to be disclosed. Meanwhile, Stellantis, the parent company of Ram, is making changes, transitioning from the mighty 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 to a twin-turbocharged inline-six engine for the 2025 model year Ram 1500 TRX, known as the Hurricane. This new engine delivers 510 horsepower and 500 pound-feet (678 Nm) of torque in the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and it’s expected to receive a significant power boost in the TRX, potentially reaching around 700 horsepower.


In this exhilarating drag race showdown, the 2023 Ford F-150 Raptor R emerged as the victor, showcasing impressive speed and agility despite its slightly lower power output. While the Ram 1500 TRX put up a valiant fight, it couldn’t quite match the Raptor R’s quarter-mile prowess. As the truck market continues to evolve, it’s clear that American automakers are pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation in their quest to dominate the off-road and high-performance segments.