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Unleash the Power and Style of Your Ford SVT Raptor with ADV6 Track Function SL Series Wheels

Experience the perfect fusion of performance and aesthetics with the ADV6 Track Function SL Series Wheels tailored for the Ford SVT Raptor.

Wheel Specifications:

  • Series: ADV6 Track Function SL
  • Sizes: Front: 20×10 | Rear: 20×10
  • Finish Disc: Gloss Man Bronze
  • Finish Lip: Gloss Man Bronze
  • Hardware: 50/50 Exposed Red Hardware

Vehicle Details:

  • Year: 2014
  • Make: Ford
  • Model: SVT Raptor
  • Color: Black

Key Features:

  1. Track-Ready Design: The ADV6 Track Function SL Series Wheels are crafted with a track-focused design, delivering not only style but also enhanced performance capabilities.
  2. Perfect Fitment: Tailored specifically for the Ford SVT Raptor, these wheels ensure a perfect fit, complementing the aggressive stance of your vehicle.
  3. Striking Gloss Man Bronze Finish: The wheels boast a stunning Gloss Man Bronze finish on both the disc and lip, adding a touch of sophistication and rugged charm to your SVT Raptor.
  4. Exposed Red Hardware: The 50/50 exposed red hardware not only serves a functional purpose but also adds a bold and distinctive accent to the overall aesthetic.
  5. Optimal Sizing: With a size of 20×10 for both front and rear wheels, you can expect a balance of style, performance, and handling.

Upgrade your Ford SVT Raptor’s visual appeal and on-road performance with the ADV6 Track Function SL Series Wheels. Make a bold statement wherever you go, whether it’s on the streets or tackling challenging terrains. Elevate your driving experience with the perfect combination of form and function.