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Roush PerformanceRoush Performance is a company that specializes in high performance automotive parts and accessories. Founded in 1995 by Jack Roush, the company has become well-known for its work with Ford Motor Company vehicles, especially the Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, and the Ford F-150 light duty pickup. Roush also offers a line of crate engines, as well as performance suspension and exhaust systems. In recent years, the company has expanded into the realm of drag racing, offering a variety of parts and kits to help racers build faster cars or simply to improve the performance of their existing vehicles. Roush Performance's parts are designed to increase both power and handling, making for a more enjoyable driving experience. The company's engineers work closely with Ford to ensure that their parts are compatible with the latest models and meet all safety standards. Roush's products are rigorously tested both on the track and