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The 2024 Ford F-150 Raptor has emerged as the quintessential embodiment of American capability on wheels. With the 2024 Ford F-150 receiving a significant mid-cycle refresh, the off-road-ready Raptor isn't far behind, gaining a slew of enhancements over its 2023 predecessor. The standout upgrade for the 2024 model year is the inclusion of new Fox Dual Live Valve shocks on Raptor variants equipped with 37-inch tires. While this may appear to be a modest change, it represents a profound improvement in the Raptor's suspension control over challenging terrains. In contrast to the single Live Valve dampers, where Ford's adaptive damper algorithms primarily govern compression damping, the Dual Live Valve dampers introduce independent adjustability for rebound damping. Ford's engineers have meticulously fine-tuned the algorithm to harness this added control to the fullest. According to Tony Greco, Ford Performance Program Manager for the F-150 Raptor, these dampers transform the truck's feel, making it