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The aftermarket for the 2021-and-newer Bronco is slowly but steadily picking up steam. The latest build that caught yours truly’s attention is a proper custom build from the peeps at Galpin Auto Sports, who repainted the Bronco in that rich green of Land Rovers from the good ol’ days. Tastefully matched with a Wimbledon White-painted hard top, the rich green extends to the fender flares, which house 20-inch wheels from Detroit Steel. Topped with chrome hub caps that read F in a retro typeface, said wheels match the hard top’s white. This color extends to the Raptor-style grille. Up front, you’ll also find a triple light mount from Swarfworks, complete with Baja Designs LP6 Pro lights: two clear and one amber. Baja Designs bumper-mounted pocket lights need to be mentioned as well, plus the Baja Designs reverse light mounted at the center of the spare tire carrier. All five rubber boots come courtesy