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If you've been dreaming of owning a Ford Raptor 6x6 truck without going through the build process, here's your chance! These unique 6x6 truck conversions are gaining popularity in the performance truck market, offering an extra set of wheels to conquer any off-road excursion. The Ford Raptor 6x6 is a true rarity in the world of car collectors, and Sarchione Auto Gallery is excited to present this ultra-rare 2020 Ford Raptor 6x6 as part of their exceptional collection of rare and collectible exotics. Originally a factory Ford Raptor, this truck has undergone a 6x6 Raptor uplift package, transforming it into a formidable off-road beast. The gloss Oxford White body now features an additional independent set of wheels and suspension. The rear pickup bed has been extended to accommodate the necessary wheelbase for the four 22-inch bronze Vossen hybrid forged wheels and 37-inch off-road tires. To enhance its rugged appearance, the