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MagnaFlow Brings the Bronco’s Roar to New Heights with Overland Series Exhaust System

MagnaFlow has recently stepped up the game for Ford Bronco Raptor owners by introducing the Overland Series exhaust system, designed to showcase the 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine’s power. This cat-back exhaust system not only enhances the sound but also ensures a pleasant driving experience at highway speeds, thanks to its no-drone technology.

Swapping out the stock exhaust from the catalytic converter back, the Overland Series system features 3.0-inch piping, a pair of 11-inch straight-through mufflers, and tucked exhaust outlets for improved clearance. For $3,599, you’ll also get 304 stainless steel active exhaust valves. MagnaFlow, hailing from sunny Oceanside, graciously offers a lifetime warranty on this beast of an exhaust system – a must for the price tag.

The Ford Bronco Raptor has seen its share of price hikes, with the starting price now sitting at a whopping $78,580. This off-road powerhouse pushes out 418 horsepower and 440 pound-feet of torque, making it the reigning champ of the 2023 Broncos eligible for on-road adventures.

The Raptor comes loaded with upgrades, including impressive torsional rigidity, Dana 50 rear and Dana 44 front axles, a minimum ground clearance of 13.1 inches, and 37-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain tires to tackle whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Add in the FOX 3.1 internal bypass semi-active dampers, which provide 13 inches of maximum wheel travel up front and 14 inches in the rear, and you’ve got one agile beast.

The Bronco Raptor sports an automatic transmission and a 4×4 system with a transfer case that enables a 67.7:1 crawl ratio. Although it’s well-equipped right out of the gate, the Raptor doesn’t come with adaptive cruise control as standard. Fear not, the Lux Package is here to save the day! For an extra $3,050, you’ll get adaptive cruise control and other perks like a B&O sound system, connected navigation, Evasive Steering Assist, a heated steering wheel, wireless phone charging, and even a universal garage door opener.

Pair your Ford Bronco Raptor with MagnaFlow’s Overland Series exhaust system and the optional Lux Package, and you’ve got yourself a top-tier off-roading machine. With performance, convenience, and advanced technology all wrapped into one rugged package, this SUV is perfect for adventurers who crave a feature-rich, capable, and comfortable ride.

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