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Ford Raptor 37Ford has created a cool name, the Ford Raptor 37, for vehicles equipped with larger tires. The Ford Raptor tire 37, the largest of tires the manufacturer has ever offered in that category, is one of the several improvements this model brings to a top-notch formula.The Ford Raptor tire 37 is a C load-range model designed specifically for Raptors, measuring approximately 36.5 inches in diameter and weighing roughly 68 pounds. The Ford Raptor 37 tires have several highs and lows. Highs of The Ford Raptor Tire 37The purpose of the Ford Raptor tire 37 makes it extremely distinct from the Ford Raptor tire 35. As opposed to the Ford Raptor tire 35, which has the most travel of all the previous Raptors. You get a little bit of extra ground clearance with the Ford Raptor tire 37. Rock crawling becomes simpler because the truck is raised.- You may approach