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The Raptor is the crown jewel of Ford’s development of high-performance, off-road pickup trucks. From their debut in 2010 until the latest iteration for model year 2021, these trucks came from the factory with several variations of Ford’s strong V8 motor. These days, times have changed a little. Instead of big, gas-guzzling V8s, nearly every automaker has experienced a sea change towards turbocharged motors of smaller displacements, in the hopes of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. To that end, the third generation of the Raptor was released exclusively with Ford’s very successful 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine (the V8 has recently made a reappearance in the Raptor R, but this is a very fresh development). If the word “EcoBoost” sounds familiar, it may be because you’ve heard it referred to in conjunction with the new Ford GT. That’s right, the same mill under the hood of your new